What Is NACE Inspection?

What Is NACE Inspection?

The NACE Inspection process is a certification Inspection – Tankproinc program for coatings and linings. It aims to provide traceable records of the performance of these materials, using statistical methods to evaluate their quality. Using NACE certified inspectors for your project will ensure your coatings are up to date and in good condition, helping you avoid critical failure or expensive delays. By employing a NACE certified inspector, you’ll also be saving your company money and time.

You can become a NACE inspector by obtaining the appropriate education and training from a certified organization. In order to become a Cathodic Protection Specialist, for instance, you’ll need a two-year post-secondary degree in science or mathematics. Similarly, NACE requires college-level courses in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. NACE-certified employees can earn anywhere from $19500 to $58,550 per year, depending on the certification level they’ve achieved.

If you’re looking for a NACE-certified inspector, Akana can help. Akana’s NACE-certified inspectors can help you with every aspect of the project. NACE-certified professionals can perform everything from identifying flaws in paint and coatings to ensuring that the final product will last. And because of the rigorous quality control process that goes into every single NACE inspection, it’s easier to make decisions that are better for your business.

The NACE Inspection standard is recognized globally as a certification for inspectors. Currently, there are three levels of certification available. Each level is linked to the previous one. For example, certification in Level 1 is required for certification at Level 2, but there are also specialties in marine and nuclear industries. Certification in Level 3 requires comprehensive knowledge of the first two levels. There are a lot of benefits to NACE certification, and you’ll be well on your way to earning yours.

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