The Best CanGGU Cafe in Bali

In my last article I talked about the Best CanGGU Cafe in Singapore, the Cappuccino and the Singapore Dining Club. This week I am going to discuss the best CanGGU bali cafe. The best part about the cafe is its great ambiance. There are a lot of small and cozy cafes around the island that serve delicious cuisines but not many of them have the ambiance that the one I was talking about. A lot of the other cafes in Bali will just sell you a coffee or a cappuccino and there is no ambiance or personality to it.

Why you Choose CanGGU Cafe in Bali

The CanGGU Cafe is a high-end, seven-star restaurant with seating that allows you to stretch out your legs and enjoy the view outdoors while appreciating the fine dining. There is a terrace that overlooks the ocean and the best thing about the CanGGU Cafe is that this place is open twenty-four hours. So if you’re in the mood for some leisure time then you can stop by at any time you feel like it. You don’t have to wait for an open sign because the kitchen will be open to serve you a cup of delicious coffee or a good bowl of delicious seafood pasta anytime you want. You can even call ahead and set up an appointment so that you can get to eat sooner than later.

looking for a place that has wonderful food but also some excellent ambiance, then the best I can recommend in Bali would definitely be the CanGGU Cafe. My favorite dish at the best cafe in Bali is called Bulutoto. It is a seafood soup that is very salty and spicy. While eating it, you get lots of fresh vegetables and seafood with a kick. The best part about this dish is that it is served with a very thin crust of bread so it is easy to spread a layer of delicious seafood sauce over the top. This dish is definitely something that you should try in Bali.

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