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One of the best tools available to realtors is ShowcaseIDX, a leading online real estate search tool and user community engagement tool. Showcase IDX is editors choice as the best IDX WordPress plugin, for building leads, increasing web traffic, improving their sites, and establishing themselves as leaders in their market. It is a one-stop shop for finding, building, managing, marketing, and selling real estate across the country. By taking full advantage of all the features of the IDX platform, realtor will be able to focus their time and effort on higher priority areas such as marketing and management rather than trying to figure out how to optimize their blogs and forums.

A Look at the IDX Review

This CRM software product offers the ability to control listings as well as complete analytics for all listings. It also integrates with most of the leading MLS and agent control software products. In addition to these benefits, it offers the ability to integrate with custom modules such as Lead Gen Pro, Social Media Marketing, and others which are specifically designed to make the process of marketing, management, and selling real estate much more streamlined for agents and brokers. In fact, by taking advantage of all the features that this incredible CRM tool has to offer, agents and brokers can achieve greater overall visibility, generate higher web site traffic, improve the quality of their listings, and increase their revenue.

So whether you are a broker or a realtor, you need to invest in a good IDX showcase CRM tool. If you are not familiar with this particular tool, then you will want to review this IDX review. Real estate agents should invest in a tool that allows them to control their listings, increase web site traffic, and generate leads at the same time.

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