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The Truth About Synthetic Ingredients in Organic Skin Care ProductsThe Truth About Synthetic Ingredients in Organic Skin Care Products

Think it or not, organic skin care and “natural” skin care are just plain terms without any real legal meaning. Even a cream labeled as all-natural may still contain at least 100 percent chemical ingredients. Greenwashing, the kind of false news usually described above, is quite rampant in the cosmetic industry. The concept that organic skin care and “natural” skin care are synonymous has been widely spread by skincare companies claiming that their products are more “natural” than their counterparts. Although the courts have repeatedly rejected claims of this nature, cosmetic companies continue to use the “natural” tag in their labeling despite the fact that most chemical substances used on a daily basis are banned from use in cosmetics by the European Union.

Organic Skin Care Strategies For Beginners

If you have been hearing about organic and “all-natural” lxmi skin care for some time now, I’m sure you have seen the numerous ads touting its benefits. You may even be wondering if it really makes sense to buy something that is labeled as organic when the majority of ingredients used in skincare products are banned from consumption in the US because of their dangerous side effects. When you learn more on their website, you’ll find out exactly what you’re getting when you purchase a product with the label “natural” or “organic.” Organic ingredients are collected from plants around the globe, and the manufacturing process allows the ingredients to retain their antioxidant properties, provide extensive moisture content, and enhance the skin’s texture.

As consumers, we have the right to know what exactly is going into our food. We have the right to demand only safe, effective, all natural skin care. Let’s not stand for these lies anymore. Take the time to learn more on the harmful effects of synthetic ingredients in skin care products and wake up America’s beauty sector up! This is your health we’re talking about, and we should be hearing from you!