Buying a Concord HVAC Air Conditioning System

Buying a Concord HVAC Air Conditioning System

If you are looking to buy a Concord HVAC air conditioning  heating and air conditioning  system, you must first determine the model number of your current unit. This number is generally divisible by six or twelve, and it represents the number of British thermal units (BTU) the unit produces. A ton of air conditioning has 12,000 BTU, so a four HP16LT48P unit will produce four tons of cooling. Similarly, the AC14L18P unit will produce one and a half tons of cooling.

A dirty filter will reduce airflow, reduce indoor quality, and cause your cooling coil to freeze. Regularly changing your air filters can avoid many of these problems. For flat air filters, you should change them monthly. Pleated filters should be changed every three months, while vibrating air conditioners require more frequent replacement. To maintain a quality indoor air environment, you should schedule your air filter change on a monthly basis. For more information about your unit’s filter, contact a Concord HVAC air conditioning contractor.

When shopping for a new air conditioning system, consult a local Concord HVAC dealer for assistance. There are many resources available for Concord HVAC customers, including a Buyer’s Guide. These dealers offer outstanding customer service and warranties. A Concord HVAC dealer can help you choose the right system for your home, and provide you with all the answers you need. It is best to consult a qualified professional for help in making this important purchase. If you choose a Concord HVAC air conditioning unit, you will enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient home for many years to come.

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