A Blade Private Jet for Sale by Will Heywood

The story of Will Heyburn who founded the blade private jet company was published in the Daily Mail. In May of 2021, he was flying to London from Pakistan and was supposed to return to Pakistan the next day. Instead of completing his flight, however, Will drove across to England, logged into his email on a business flight and then went back to Pakistan. According to the Daily Mail, Will Heyburn then contacted a company that specializes in air chartering and bought one of the seats previously owned by an employee of Bskyb. While the plane flew out of Pakistan, Will traveled to England.

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The Daily Mail report also says that Will Heyburn is now trying to get the US Federal Aviation Administration to allow him to fly private. Will has tried to negotiate with the FAA, but has been told that he cannot fly private because the planes are for the general public. This is very typical of private aircraft operators and what they are required to do. If private aircraft crash or something goes wrong during take off or landing, the operator will be liable, hence their insurance will cover it.

Is it possible that Will Heyburn’s case might cause other operators to be much more careful when they book a flight? It may be; if his story is anything to go by, you would think so. Is it possible that the cost of a blade private jet is too high for small companies? It is also possible that the price is not high enough as many people have said that they would like a private plane, but cannot afford it. If you are looking for a small and light travel solution, it may make sense to try private aircraft.

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